Undgå at miste kunder og spilde dyrbar tid i din næste website design-process

Show notes: Undgå at miste kunder og spilde dyrbar tid i din website design-process

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2.35 What is the biggest consequence when You Are Not Doing Performance Design Right?
Missed business opportunity.
Always consider where you can take your business with a new website to get the most of it.
Make sure you have an aim for you design. Pretty is not enough.
The customer's experience is the center of all. It should be effertless.

04.45 Common Performance Design Mishaps When Designing a New Website
People are rushing into the process = caos, stessed employees, missed results.
You cannot create a succesfull new ecommerce site in 6 weeks. You need to prioritize your steps and goals.

Listen to our episode "Forlæng levetiden på dit website" to learn more about the proces" to learn more.
You need a Project/Brand Owner/Manager to holp back and be the gate keeper for the process and design.
Making a new website is magical. Bringing ideas to life.

08.50 What is Performance Design Really?
Makeing sure that your design is performance based. Not a one person dicipline.

10.00 Who is Kristjana?
A UX and UI Designer. Focus on website design, but moved into marketing and content design. Most importantly, a Brand Designer. Bringing value from the Design.

12.40 Repurpose and Scale across Channels
With quality design your work becomes easier and more effective. Visuals that speeks the volume of the campagin.

14.15 What Are the Most Common Mistakes in Webiste Projects - Desing Perspective
Rushing. And missing the SEO and CRO steps. Make sure that google loves you site, and that it converts.
Make sure that you understand your product completely.
Remember to get a UX, CRO and SEO review to make sure that your website and design is performming.
Scrutinizing yourself is hard. Get help.
Be realistic with what you can actually do.
Get an expert to teach you.
Bringning design elements to life is important.
Showing people what design can do. Aligning user touch points.

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19.15 The Design Process Step by Step
User and market research
Goals and KPIs - what are we trying to do here?
Map out your stakeholders and understand the tech.
Kristjana's favorite stakeholder - the most invested person in the room.
Finding the true decision maker and aligning expectations.

23.10 Your CMS Choice Is Really Impotant
DynamicWeb Swift - effective and visally pleasing.
Umbraco - Gives your the most design flexibility
PRO TIP: Invest hours in frontend devemopment to make your brand shine.
Shopify is quick and marketing focused.

26.00 Anchoring the Design
Frequent check-ins. Find your ambassador that will help you make the design a part of all digital efforts.

27.45 Creating Your LEGO Bricks
Make sure you have all the bricks you need and combine them again and again to build your site.
Why you should love your global elements / LEGO brincks.

31.30 Review Your Work with Specialists
Invite your colleauges, agency, stakeholders, users.
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Why the full-service experience is better.

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35.10 What Is Always Shocking to People when Creating a Website
How time-consuming it is to produce the content for a website.
Invest in quality pictures. That will bring your website to life.
Even existing quality content takes time to fill in.

40.15 Re-cap: How to Avoid Wasting Your Potential when Building a New Website
Collect your content.
Understand your design direction.
Prepare to be humble.
Work with people you trust.
Remember to ask any question.
Remember your goal and that you are a team.
Choose the right CMS.
Consider investing in photos - especially if you are going with templates.

43.45 Number One Advice when Starting a New Website
Create a file. Build your structure.
Gather all your content and find your inspo.

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